Kraft Paper Business Cards

Kraft paper business cards offer a distinct and environmentally conscious alternative to traditional cardstock business cards. Made from unbleached, recycled paper, these cards possess a natural brown color that adds a rustic touch to your branding. Despite their eco-friendly nature, kraft paper business cards can be printed with high-quality ink that displays your logo and contact details with sharp clarity. Not only do these cards demonstrate your commitment to sustainable practices, but they also leave a lasting impression on recipients who appreciate their unique appearance. Stand out from the crowd with Kraft Paper Business Cards!

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When it comes to finding a business card that fits you needs it can sometimes take time and effort. It doesn’t need to, however, and is the perfect place to start your search.

Related Designs

Are you still looking for the right design? Here are some similar options that fit with these kraft paper business cards perfectly.

Rustic Yarn | Kraft SquareRustic Yarn | Kraft Square

Rustic brown kraft business cards for your handmade, artisan, or craft business feature two lines of custom text on the front in handwritten style block and script lettering, with an illustration of a ball of yarn with two knitting needles. Add five lines of custom text to the reverse side in matching fonts. Includes three social media icons and a field for your username.

Modern Elegant Kraft Dark Floral Pattern Florist SquareModern Elegant Kraft Dark Floral Pattern Florist Square

Modern elegant business card design with dark flower pattern and premium kraft paper. Perfect for florist, consultant, fashion or beauty related professionals.

Cute Rustic Leaves Creative Designer Kraft Square SquareCute Rustic Leaves Creative Designer Kraft Square Square

An unique artistic black and white design featuring subtle white star and leaf like pattern. For additional matching marketing materials, custom design or logo inquiry, please contact me at and I will reply within hours. For shipping, cardstock inquires and pricing contact Zazzle directly.

Handmade Gift Vintage Floral Rustic Kraft SquareHandmade Gift Vintage Floral Rustic Kraft Square

Handmade Gift Vintage Floral Rustic Kraft Business Card.

Dentist dental tooth logo modern Kraft paperDentist dental tooth logo modern Kraft paper

Dental business cards featuring a white tooth logo and your name, title and white border on the front. Template fields for your contact information on the back. Printed on a brown Kraft paper

Modern Printed Kraft Paper Blue White GeometricModern Printed Kraft Paper Blue White Geometric

Modern elegant fully customizable business card template with PRINTED kraft paper background and blue/white triangles. Elegant and cool design. Perfect for interior designer, designer, home decoration related professionals, consultant and more.

Kraft Paper Geometric QR Code & Logo Earthy Unique SquareKraft Paper Geometric QR Code & Logo Earthy Unique Square

These cool business cards would be perfect for both, personal & professional use. Easily add your own name by clicking on the "personalize this template" option. If you have any design related questions/requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Modern Cool Kraft Paper(printed) Black MonogramModern Cool Kraft Paper(printed) Black Monogram

Modern business card template with kraft paper background (PRINTED kraft paper) and black monogram. Modern and simple design. Perfect for consultant, construction/design/packaging related companies. The cardboard background makes this card unique.

Pampas Grass Floral Emerald Green CreamPampas Grass Floral Emerald Green Cream

Standout from the crowd – for the business owner or promoter of a brand trying to show they are on trend and modern. And or someone who has an boho or pampas event. *For additional zazzle business stationery, advertising or merchandising items to match this item, please contact us through the designer contact on the our zazzle homepage.

Modern Printed Kraft Paper White GeometricModern Printed Kraft Paper White Geometric

Modern customizable business card template with PRINTED kraft paper/ white geometric background. Elegant simple design, perfect for interior designer, consultant.

Elegant Simple Kraft Paper & White ConsultantElegant Simple Kraft Paper & White Consultant

Modern business card template with PRINTED cardboard background and a white stripe pattern. Modern and simple design. Perfect for consultant, construction/design/packaging related professionals. The cardboard background makes this card unique.

Desert Saguaro Cactus Watercolor Unique Boho KraftDesert Saguaro Cactus Watercolor Unique Boho Kraft

Illustrated with a lovely watercolor saguaro cactus inspired by the Arizona desert. Perfect business card for anyone who loves plants, nature and the desert landscapes. Great for small businesses and solo practitioners: yoga teachers, life coaches, jewelry designers, bakers, holistic healers, backcountry guides and more more more! Change the text, font, paper type, and colors of this customizable business card. Hand painted by me. Check my shop for more business card designs or let me know if you’d like something custom.

Save on These Kraft Paper Business Cards

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Here Are Some Other Great Options

Are you still looking for that special something? Then you might want to try one of these other popular options.

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Are you still searching for that special design? Then maybe you would like to refine your search and find that card that really fits your business or industry. Search for more designs related to these kraft paper business cards or try something completely different.

Modern Printed Kraft Grey White MonogramModern Printed Kraft Grey White Monogram

Modern customizable business card template with PRINTED kraft paper and grey background and white monogram. Modern and simple design. Perfect for any professionals.

Elegant scrip custom logo vertical Kraft paperElegant scrip custom logo vertical Kraft paper

Vertical, Kraft paper business cards with customizable logo and template fields for your name, title/company name, contact information and social media on the front. You can change fonts, font and background colors with the design tool.

Professional Minimal Kraft Modern SquareProfessional Minimal Kraft Modern Square

Minimalist and rustic professional square card. Nice for writers, consultant, teacher, real state and more.

Dog Walker Pet Sitter Paw Heart Rustic KraftDog Walker Pet Sitter Paw Heart Rustic Kraft

Pet Sitting Paw Heart Logo Dog Walker Rustic Kraft Business Cards.

Handyman Tools, Home Improvement Kraft Business CaHandyman Tools, Home Improvement Kraft Business Ca

Vintage illustration of hammer, pipe wrench, and needle-nose pliers on kraft background

Minimalist Modern QR Code Kraft SquareMinimalist Modern QR Code Kraft Square

Minimalist and modern business card featuring custom QR Code.

Ace of barbers kraftAce of barbers kraft

Playing cards inspired cover in style of ace of spades. Classic look ideal for standout in barber business.

Professional Modern Kraft Paper SquareProfessional Modern Kraft Paper Square

Professional Modern Kraft Paper Square Business Card featuring your name in modern calligraphy font style and information in modern sans serif font style on kraft paper. Perfect for a makeup artist, designer, photographer, wedding planner and many other professions.

Kraft Paper Business Cards: An Environmentally Conscious Alternative

In today’s world, eco-friendliness is becoming more and more important. As people become aware of the impact their actions have on the environment, they are seeking out ways to reduce their carbon footprint and minimize waste. One area where this trend has taken off is in business cards – specifically, in the rise of kraft paper business cards.

What are Kraft Paper Business Cards

As the name suggests, kraft paper business cards are made from unbleached, recycled paper with a natural brown color that adds a rustic touch to your branding. This type of paper is often used for packaging materials due to its durability and strength. The inherent texture of the paper also gives an extra layer of personality to any design printed on it.

Benefits of Kraft Paper Business Cards

Aside from being environmentally conscious, there are numerous benefits to using kraft paper business cards over traditional cardstock:

1) Unique Appearance

The natural brown color of kraft paper immediately stands out against standard white business cards. It provides an earthy aesthetic that can be particularly well-suited for independent or small businesses looking for a more authentic feel.

2) Durability

Kraft paper is known for being strong and sturdy. Its resistance to tearing makes it ideal for those who frequently carry their cards around with them or hand them out at events.

3) Eco-Friendly

Kraft paper is produced using less energy than traditional bleached papers since it does not require as many chemical treatments during production. Additionally, by using recycled materials instead of virgin fibers, kraft paper helps reduce landfill waste.

4) Cost-Effective

Since kraft paper is less processed than other types of paper, it tends to be cheaper overall. This allows small businesses to save money while still producing high-quality marketing materials.

Designiing Your Kraft Paper Business Card

Just because kraft paper is a more rustic and natural material doesn’t mean your business card design has to be boring or unremarkable. In fact, many designers have found creative ways to incorporate kraft paper into their designs in unique ways.

1) Incorporate Your Brand Colors

While the natural brown of kraft paper can work well for some designs, it doesn’t have to be the only color present on your cards. Try incorporating your brand’s colors into your design to create a cohesive look across all of your marketing materials.

2) Experiment with Different Ink Colors

Although black ink is often used for printing on kraft paper, there are many other ink colors that can complement its natural hue as well. Consider using white, gold, or even bright colors that pop against the brown background.

3) Use Simple Designs

Since kraft paper already has a distinctive texture and appearance, it may be best to keep your design simple and clean. Avoid using too many graphics or flashy elements that could detract from the unique qualities of the material itself.

Kraft paper business cards offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cardstock while providing numerous benefits such as durability, cost-effectiveness, and unique appearance. Designing a memorable and effective business card involves thinking creatively about how you can incorporate your brand identity into the printed piece. By choosing kraft paper as your medium, you are not only making a statement about your commitment to sustainability but also creating a memorable item for potential clients or customers. Stand out from the crowd with Kraft Paper Business Cards.

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