Lash Business Cards

These cards are a great way to showcase your unique brand and style while also providing essential contact information. Choose from a variety of designs and add your personal touch with your own logo and color scheme. Whether you’re just starting out or have an established business, these stylish cards are sure to make a lasting impression on potential clients.

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When it comes to finding a business card that fits you needs it can sometimes take time and effort. It doesn’t need to, however, and is the perfect place to start your search.

Related Designs

Are you still looking for the right design? Here are some similar options that fit with these lash business cards perfectly.

Aftercare Instructions Lashes Pink Drips SparkAftercare Instructions Lashes Pink Drips Spark

In the city that never sleeps, where every flutter of an eyelash can spell a tale of romance or a declaration of intent, there lies a card. But not just any card. This is the ‘Aftercare Instructions Lashes Pink Drips Spark Business Card,’ crafted by the digital artisan FlorenceK, a wizard of whimsy in Zazzle’s vast kingdom of customization. If you will, picture a petite rectangle of potential—a paper emissary with a mission to marry aftercare with flair. It arrives in a battalion of , because when it comes to lash care, FlorenceK understands there’s no such thing as too much support. 👁️💖 Let’s gaze upon the visage of this card, shall we? It’s dressed to the nines in pink, but not just any pink—this is the pink of fairy floss at a summer fair, of sunsets that poets try futilely to describe, of the flush that graces your cheeks when “You-Know-Who” says hello. And from this blushing background emerge drips of sparkle like a shower of stardust, making each card not just a bearer of instructions, but a miniature event. In the realm of lashes, aftercare is queen, and FlorenceK knows it. To this end, each card is a scroll of wisdom, providing the crucial dos and don’ts that turn newly adorned eyes into lasting tales of beauty. With this card, the flutter of each eyelash extension is not just ensured but enshrined. In a world wide web where the unnoticed become invisible, these cards refuse to be anything but front and center. Optimized for the curious clicks of seekers, they rise through the ranks of search results with the grace of a perfectly executed bat of an eye. Persuasion? Let us borrow from the realm of love letters and sonnets: Dear connoisseur of beauty and beholder of the lash, let not your heart be led astray by lesser cards of mundane make and pedestrian prose. For when you choose the ‘Aftercare Instructions Lashes Pink Drips Spark Business Card,’ you’re not just choosing a card; you’re choosing a guardian for your ocular adornments. And should queries or customization whims strike you, FlorenceK is but a parchment’s scroll away—eager to tailor these cards to your narrative. Want your logo? A different hue? A whisper of glitter or a shout? Your wish is FlorenceK’s command. So, flutter on over to Zazzle, where these little pink protectors await their destiny in your hands. For personalizations or any lingering curiosities, direct your carriage to FlorenceK’s inbox, where customer service is not just promised but passionately provided. #LashesForDays #FlorenceKDesigns #PinkDripsMagic #AftercareChic #BusinessCardsThatBlink #ZazzleGlam #CustomizableCharm #LashLove #SparkleAndWink #BeautyInACard

Gold Frame AfterCare for Lash Extensions SpaGold Frame AfterCare for Lash Extensions Spa

Elegant aftercare instruction card for eyelash extensions. For additional matching marketing materials please contact me at For more premade logos visit Original design by Maura Reed.

Modern Minimal Pink Script Beauty Lashes  SquareModern Minimal Pink Script Beauty Lashes Square

Modern lash business cards in soft peach pink with big script calligraphy for “lashes” and the full name on the back plus contact details. Change the text on the front if you like and use this business card for a nail salon, hair salon, beauty spa etc.

Lashes Hot Pink Eyelash Eyes Makeup Artist BeautyLashes Hot Pink Eyelash Eyes Makeup Artist Beauty

Lashes Hot Pink Eyelash Eyes Makeup Artist Beauty Salon Business Cards.

Aftercare Instructions Lashes Studio Pink SmallAftercare Instructions Lashes Studio Pink Small

Presenting the Aftercare Instructions Lashes Studio Pink Small Business Card from Zazzle—a petite powerhouse of information that not only guides your clients post-treatment but also cements your expertise and care in their minds. This isn’t just a business card; it’s a mini-manual for maintaining those fabulous lashes they just received at your studio. 🌸👁️ Clad in a delicate pink hue, this card is as pretty as it is practical. It serves a dual purpose: providing essential aftercare instructions and reinforcing your brand’s thoughtful, client-centered approach. It’s a gentle reminder that you’re not only interested in the beautification process but also in the health and longevity of the results. Ideal for lash studios, beauticians, or anyone in the beauty industry who provides intricate services, this card ensures that each client leaves not only looking great but also well-informed. It’s about extending your service beyond the chair, offering a tangible piece of your professional care that clients can take home. As clients tuck this card into their purses or pockets, they’re reminded of the quality and care they experienced. It’s a small but powerful ambassador of your brand, speaking volumes through its elegant design and useful content. Boost client satisfaction and retention with these engaging hashtags: #LashCare 💖 #BeautyBeyondTheStudio 🏠 #PinkPerfection 🌸 #ClientCareFirst 👀 #AftercareEssentials 📝 With the Aftercare Instructions Lashes Studio Pink Small Business Card, your service continues to speak for itself long after your clients have left the studio, ensuring that their stunning lashes are matched only by their appreciation for your thorough, caring approach.

Aftercare Instructions Lash Rose Gold Drips BlueAftercare Instructions Lash Rose Gold Drips Blue

In a world where batting an eyelash can speak volumes, ensure your aftercare instructions are just as expressive with the Aftercare Instructions Lash Rose Gold Drips Blue Business Card designed by FlorenceK. It’s the card that winks at your clients with every handover. 💁‍♀️✨ Picture this: a client has just emerged from your salon, lashes voluminous enough to fan the flames of envy in the hearts of the lash-less. They’re handed a card that’s not just a guide but a gateway to fluttery perfection. That’s right, this isn’t your grandmother’s aftercare card. It’s a mini-manifesto of lash longevity, dipped in the luxury of rose gold and the calm confidence of blue. 🌹🌊 Each card has a glimmering drip design, suggesting the secret to lasting lashes is as precious as the molten metallic hue adorning it. And the blue? It’s not just a color—it’s a pool of serenity your clients can dive into every time they glance at their lash care regimen. Now, let’s not lash around the bush. These cards aren’t merely informative; they’re a branding bonanza. With a QR code quicker than a wink, clients are transported to your digital domain, where the beauty magic is revealed. 💫📲 #LashLove #RoseGoldRegimen #AftercareAffluence #BeautyBlueprint #FlorenceKDesigns #LashLifesavers #BlueHues #DigitalWink #ClientCareCards #BlinkAndYoullMissIt

Makeup artist Beauty Salon Lash Extension wink eyeMakeup artist Beauty Salon Lash Extension wink eye

This modern, trendy and elegant business card with girly glam hand drawn rose gold wink eyes (eyelashes and brows) is perfect for makeup artists, eyelash extension business, lash extension, fashion bloggers, lash bar, beauty

Makeup Eyebrow Lashes Wax Drip Rose HolographMakeup Eyebrow Lashes Wax Drip Rose Holograph

Unleashing the Allure: The Makeup, Eyebrow, Lashes, and Wax Drip Rose Holograph Business Card Greetings, fellow enthusiasts of the beauty realm! 🌟 Today, we’re about to embark on a mesmerizing journey, exploring the dimensions of a business card so enchanting, it transcends the mundane and catapults straight into the extraordinary. Brace yourselves, as we unravel the allure of the Makeup, Eyebrow, Lashes, Wax Drip Rose Holograph Business Card, crafted with impeccable finesse by FlorenceK and showcased on the vibrant platform of Zazzle. Embracing the Art of First Impressions: In the glamorous world of beauty and aesthetics, making a memorable first impression is not just important; it’s everything. And what better way to introduce yourself than with a business card that speaks volumes before you even utter a word? 🌹✨ #FirstImpressions #BeautyBoss #GlamourUnleashed The Dance of Colors and Textures: This business card is not just a card; it’s a canvas painted with the hues of creativity and passion. The graceful dance of the rose holograph creates a visual symphony, harmonizing with the drips of luscious wax, embodying the very essence of makeup artistry. And then, there are the eyebrows and lashes – oh, the eyebrows and lashes! They are not just features; they are the silent storytellers, the curators of expressions, and with this business card, they stand tall, proud, and utterly captivating. 💃🎨 #ColorfulCanvas #ExpressiveArtistry #VisualSymphony A Touch of Holographic Magic: But wait, there’s more! The holographic finish is not just a detail; it’s a dimension, a realm of iridescence that catches the light, captures the eye, and leaves a lasting impression. It’s like holding a piece of the cosmos in your hands, a tangible piece of magic that’s ready to ignite conversations and spark connections. 🌌✨ #HolographicMagic #CosmicBeauty #LastingImpressions The Power of Personalization: In a world where uniqueness is the ultimate luxury, this business card empowers you to embrace your individuality. Customize it, make it your own, and let it be a reflection of your unique journey in the enchanting world of beauty. 📇💕 #EmbraceYourUniqueness #LuxuryOfIndividuality #PersonalizationPower Conclusion: As we wrap up our journey through the realms of beauty and business cards, let’s take a moment to appreciate the magic that is the Makeup, Eyebrow, Lashes, Wax Drip Rose Holograph Business Card. It’s more than just a piece of paper; it’s a gateway to connections, a catalyst for conversations, and a testament to your dedication to the art of beauty. So, to all the makeup mavens, lash lovers, eyebrow enthusiasts, and waxing wizards out there, this is your time to shine. Arm yourself with this mesmerizing business card, and let the world see the artist that you truly are. Here’s to making lasting impressions, sparking joy, and unleashing the allure of your beauty brand! 💄🌹✨ #MakeupMaven #BeautyBrand #UnleashTheAllure

Lashes & Brows Microblading Blue & Silver GlitterLashes & Brows Microblading Blue & Silver Glitter

Microblading Lashes & Brows Makeup Artist Sky Blue & Silver Glitter Business Cards.

Modern Photo Typography Lash ArtistModern Photo Typography Lash Artist

A modern design for your lashes business – you can include three photographs of lashes from your portfolio. The photographs are for illustrative purposes and can be changed to your own.

Simple White Black Lash Extensions Aftercare IconSimple White Black Lash Extensions Aftercare Icon

These simple and modern eyelash extension aftercare cards are perfect for any lash technician, aesthetician, or beauty salon. It features hand-drawn illustration icon symbols and instructions with all of your business information on the back. It includes a simple color scheme; black and white. It’s a minimalist, elegant, and professional design; the perfect way to impress your customers. ***IMPORTANT DESIGN NOTE: For any custom design request such as matching products, color changes, placement changes, or any other change request, please message the designer. You can even submit a request for a completely custom and new design.

Lashes & Brows Makeup Artist Rose Gold GlitterLashes & Brows Makeup Artist Rose Gold Glitter

Microblading Lashes & Brows Makeup Artist Rose Gold Glitter Business Cards.

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Did you know that many of these lash business cards qualify for a savings of up to 50%? Discounts begin on orders of 2 packs or more. It is time to stop paying more than you need to when it comes to promoting your business.

Would you like to learn more? Take an example set of cards that costs $25.00. Here is what you would pay with the different discount brackets:

QuantityDiscountNew Price
Discount prices reflect business cards sold in packs of 100.

Here Are Some Other Great Options

Are you still looking for that special something? Then you might want to try one of these other popular options.

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Are you still searching for that special design? Then maybe you would like to refine your search and find that card that really fits your business or industry. Search for more designs related to these lash business cards or try something completely different.

Makeup Artist Rose Gold Dripping Lashes & BrowsMakeup Artist Rose Gold Dripping Lashes & Brows

Makeup Artist Rose Gold Lashes & Brows Trendy Dripping Modern Salon Business Cards.

Shine Bright with Makeup Eyebrow Lashes GlitterShine Bright with Makeup Eyebrow Lashes Glitter

In the glamorous world of beauty and makeup artistry, where every brushstroke enhances confidence and transforms appearances, the perfect business card can make all the difference. 🌟✨ Imagine this: You meet a potential client or collaborator at a beauty expo or a social event. As you share your passion for beauty, you hand them a business card that dazzles with elegance and creativity. Introducing the Makeup Eyebrow Lashes Glitter Drip VIP Rose Business Card—a luxurious blend of sophistication and sparkle designed to captivate and inspire. This isn’t just a business card; it’s a reflection of your artistry and dedication to the beauty industry. 🌸💄 Crafted with a mesmerizing rose gold glitter drip design, these cards are more than just visually appealing—they’re a statement. The glittering drips add a touch of glamour and excitement, while the elegant layout ensures all your essential details are presented with style. Imagine your clients, holding this card, feeling the allure and confidence that comes with knowing they’ve found a true beauty expert. 🌹💫 But let’s talk about the emotional impact. In a world where digital interactions often lack the personal touch, a beautifully designed business card adds a memorable and tangible element. It’s the difference between “I might look them up” and “I can’t wait to book an appointment!” 📱➡️💖 Professionally, these cards are your silent ambassadors. They communicate your attention to detail, your commitment to excellence, and your flair for blending artistry with professionalism. They say, “This isn’t just makeup; this is a VIP beauty experience.” 💼🌟 So, why settle for ordinary when you can elevate your brand with extraordinary? With Makeup Eyebrow Lashes Glitter Drip VIP Rose Business Cards, you’re not just sharing contact details; you’re showcasing the elegance and creativity that define your beauty services. 🌸✨ A gesture that invites clients to experience the transformative power of your skills. Transform every introduction into an opportunity with a business card that truly reflects the beauty and sophistication of your services. Because in the world of makeup artistry, it’s not just about the look you create; it’s about the confidence and inspiration you ignite. 🌟💖 #MakeupArtistry #FirstImpressions #ElegantBusinessCards #Client

Lashes & Brows Makeup Artist Modern Beauty Salon SquareLashes & Brows Makeup Artist Modern Beauty Salon Square

Lashes & Brows Makeup Artist Red Lipstick Stain Gold Framed Beauty Salon Business Cards.

Makeup Artist Eyelash Lashes Glitter Drips PinkMakeup Artist Eyelash Lashes Glitter Drips Pink

Dazzle with Every Blink: The Ultimate Business Card for Makeup Maestros! 🌟 Once in a while, in the cosmetic cosmos, a star is born. This time, it’s not a new lip shade or a mascara – it’s the “Makeup Artist Eyelash Lashes Glitter Drips Pink Business Card” by the illustrious FlorenceK, exclusively on Zazzle! 💫 👁️ Imagine this: You’re at a bustling beauty expo. Amidst the sea of same-old, you hand over a business card that makes eyes pop. That’s right; we’re talking glitter, glamour, and a gorgeous pink that’s not just a color but an attitude. This card isn’t just a piece of paper; it’s your ticket to standing out in the glitterati! 💄 🎨 Each of these cards is a mini-masterpiece. The front features a chic, eye-catching design of eyelashes adorned with sparkling glitter drips (worry not, it’s just a print, so no glittery mess!). The pink backdrop? It’s not just any pink. It’s the kind of pink that whispers, “I know my blending brush from my brow brush.” Subtle yet bold, like the perfect smokey eye. 🖌️ 💌 Flip it over; there’s ample space for all your details. Whether it’s your Instagram handle or your YouTube channel (because, let’s face it, you’re an offline and online star), these cards hold it all with a dash of elegance. And the best part? They come in packs of – because, let’s be real, with a fabulous card, everyone will want one. 💕 📈 But it’s not just about looks. These cards are crafted with the professional makeup artist in mind. Sturdy, easy to write on, and resilient like your waterproof mascara. They’re practical, professional, and oh-so-pretty. 🛒 Available exclusively on Zazzle, these cards aren’t just business cards; they’re conversation starters, memory makers, well, they’re just fab. Grab yours and get ready to bat those lashes, not just with your eyes, but with your business cards, too! 🥳 So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to add that sparkle to your professional persona. Visit Zazzle, search for FlorenceK’s creation, and let your business card talk. And remember, in a world full of nudes, be a glittery, pink, eyelash-fluttering sensation! 💖

Rose Gold Glitter Makeup Artist Lashes ChampaigneRose Gold Glitter Makeup Artist Lashes Champaigne

Are you looking for a business card that will make a lasting impression? Look no further than the Rose Gold Glitter Makeup Artist Lashes Champaigne Business Card! This stunning card features a chic rose gold glitter design that will catch the eye of anyone who receives it. The elegant champagne background adds a touch of sophistication, while the bold black lettering ensures that your contact information is easy to read and remember. But what sets this business card apart is the unique lash design, which makes it the perfect choice for makeup artists or anyone in the beauty industry. This card is a great way to showcase your skills and make a statement about your brand. Not only is this business card visually stunning, it is also printed on high-quality cardstock that will stand up to daily wear and tear. And with customizable options, you can make this card your own. So whether you’re looking to make a splash at your next networking event or want a business card that reflects your unique style and personality, the Rose Gold Glitter Makeup Artist Lashes Champaigne Business Card is a must-have. Order yours today and start making a lasting impression! Have a Day, Nr1! FlorenceK

Makeup Eyebrow Lashes Glitter Drips Gold SparkMakeup Eyebrow Lashes Glitter Drips Gold Spark

Elegance and harmony Minimalism and glam florenceK design

Modern Simple Blush Pink Border Logo Lash ArtistModern Simple Blush Pink Border Logo Lash Artist

This simple, modern, and elegant business card is perfect for any lash artist and/or beauty salon. It features a handwritten brush script black font on top of bold white font, a list of services, and a place for your business information and logo on a minimalist blush pink background. It’s unique, professional, pretty, cool, and stylish; the perfect design to impress your customers and market your business. ***IMPORTANT DESIGN NOTE: For any custom design request such as matching product requests, color changes, placement changes, or any other change request, please click on the “message” button or email the designer directly at You can even email her a request for a completely custom and new design.

Makeup Eyebrow Eyes Lashes Rose Gold QR codeMakeup Eyebrow Eyes Lashes Rose Gold QR code

This trendy and elegant business card with hand drawn rose gold eyes (eyelashes and brows) on the marble texture background is perfect for makeup artists, eyelash extension business, lash extension, fashion bloggers, lash bar, beauty The foil details are simulated in the artwork. No actual foil will be used in the making of this product. Add your QR code

Lash Business Cards for Your Lash Extension Business

As a lash extension artist, promoting your services is essential to growing your business. One of the most effective ways to do this is by handing out business cards to potential clients. Not only do they provide contact information, but they also make a lasting impression and showcase your unique brand. The next section aims to carefully investigate the benefits of using customizable lash business cards, the various types of paper available for printing, and tips for designing a standout card.

Benefits of Using Customizable Lash Business Cards

Using business cards to promote your lash extension services offers several advantages. Here are just a few:


Handing out a professional-looking business card shows that you take your work seriously and are committed to providing quality service. It also gives potential clients a tangible reminder of your services that they can keep with them.

Frequent Exposure

Business cards often get passed around between friends and family members, increasing your exposure to potential clients beyond those you directly hand them to.


Customizable lash business cards allow you to showcase your unique brand and style. You can choose from different designs and add your own logo and color scheme to create a cohesive look that represents your business.

Types of Paper for Printing Lash Business Cards

When it comes to printing your lash business cards, there are several types of paper options available. Here are some popular choices:

Glossy Cardstock

Glossy cardstock has a shiny finish that makes colors pop and text stand out. It’s durable and resistant to wear and tear, making it an excellent choice for long-lasting cards.

Matte Cardstock

Matte cardstock has a non-reflective finish that creates a subtle, sophisticated look. It’s ideal for minimalist designs or those with lots of text as it reduces glare.

Recycled Cardstock

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, recycled cardstock is a great choice. It’s made from recycled materials and has a natural, earthy look that aligns with sustainable values.

Linen Cardstock

Linen cardstock has a textured finish that resembles linen fabric. It adds a tactile element to your cards and gives them a unique look and feel.

Tips for Designing Standout Lash Business Cards

Now that you’ve chosen your paper type, it’s time to design your card. Here are some tips for creating standout lash business cards:

Keep it Simple

Less is often more when it comes to business card design. Stick to essential information like your name, contact details, and website or social media links. Don’t clutter the card with too much text or graphics.

Use High-Quality Images

If you’re including images on your business card, make sure they’re high-quality. Blurry or pixelated graphics can make your brand appear unprofessional.

Choose Legible Fonts

Select fonts that are easy to read and legible at small sizes. Fancy scripts or tiny fonts may look visually appealing but can be challenging to read.

Consider Professional Printing Services

While you can print your own cards at home using online templates, professional printing services offer higher quality results and more customization options. Consider investing in this service if you want the best possible outcome.

Customizable lash business cards are an excellent way to promote your lash extension services while showcasing your brand and style. With different paper types available for printing and these tips for designing standout cards, you’ll be sure to create a lasting impression on potential clients. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your lash extension business to the next level.

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