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Fantastic Options for Navy Business Cards

We have plenty of great options for navy business cards. If you’re looking for the unique designs that will make you business stand out these cards are for you.

Navy Blue Monogram Modern Minimal SimpleNavy Blue Monogram Modern Minimal Simple

A simple stylish custom design with modern typography and a dusky navy blue feature color. The text, including your monogram, can easily be personalized to make a design as unique as you are! The perfect trendy bespoke design for personal or business use!

Navy Blue Agate Geode Monogram Gold ScriptNavy Blue Agate Geode Monogram Gold Script

Modern, stylish professional business card with navy blue agate geode, marble and gold glitter accents personalized with trendy handwritten script monogram initials. CHANGES: Change the text font style, color, size and placement by clicking on CUSTOMIZE FURTHER under the PERSONALIZE section. ASSISTANCE: For help with design modification or personalization, color change, transferring the design to another product or you would like coordinating items, contact the designer BEFORE ORDERING via the Zazzle Chat MESSAGE tab or email

QR Code Business Logo | Navy Modern ProfessionalQR Code Business Logo | Navy Modern Professional

Simple custom corporate navy blue QR Code and company logo business card in a modern minimalist style. The template can easily be updated with your QR code, logo and contact information.

Classy Navy Watercolor Front Door Photo & ServicesClassy Navy Watercolor Front Door Photo & Services

Beautiful and elegant business cards for a wide range of businesses. Our design features our own hand-painted watercolor navy blue front door. Accented with touches of gold on the mailbox slot, door handle, and door kickplate. Modern black outdoor wall lights and a burlap welcome doormat complete this charming design. Inside features a photo placeholder to display your business photo, name, title, and contact information. Additional optional text on the inside fold to feature business services or other business information. The back of the card can be customized with your own logo as well as the website address. All illustrations are hand-painted original artwork by Moodthology.

Professional Real Estate | Photo Layout VerticalProfessional Real Estate | Photo Layout Vertical

Modern and professional real estate business card design with a photo placeholder incorporated into the design to display your own photo portrait. Clean, minimal layout design with stylish navy and gold real estate house logo that you can personalize with your business name or remove and replace with your own logo. Name and title are displayed prominently along the bottom within a navy blue stripe. Subtle faux gold accents are incorporated into the design to add an elegant professional look. Personalize with your contact information. The reverse side features company logo and additonal contact information, such as website address. You can change the background color, font, font color and layout to suit your personal preference. Logo design contained in this design are original artwork by moodthlogy.

Simple Modern Navy Blue ProfessionalSimple Modern Navy Blue Professional

A perfect simple navy blue networking card for the minimalist.

Related Designs

Here are related navy business cards. Find your business cards and create a buzz!

Barber Shop Hair Stylist Navy & Gold BarbershopBarber Shop Hair Stylist Navy & Gold Barbershop

Barber Shop Hair Stylist Professional Barbershop Business Cards.

Minimalist Navy Blue Two Border MonogramMinimalist Navy Blue Two Border Monogram

A minimalist elegant-looking navy blue two monogram business card with thick and thin borders.

Modern Minimalist Handwritten Script Navy BlueModern Minimalist Handwritten Script Navy Blue

Modern Minimalist Handwritten Script Business Card in Navy Blue

Monogram Navy Blue Modern Metal Frame ProfessionalMonogram Navy Blue Modern Metal Frame Professional

Monogram Navy Blue Modern Metal Framed Professional Business Cards.

Modern Gold Stripe Navy Blue Lawyer AttorneyModern Gold Stripe Navy Blue Lawyer Attorney

Modern Gold Stripe Navy Blue Lawyer Attorney Business Cards.

Medical Caduceus Logo Professional Navy BlueMedical Caduceus Logo Professional Navy Blue

Medical Caduceus Logo Modern Navy Blue Business Cards.

Alternative Designs

With so many great navy business cards to choose from it can be hard finding the right one. But it helps to know that Card Bee’s catalog of business cards has something for everyone. It only takes a moment to find what you are looking for. For example we offer many different navy business cards designs, but we also have plenty of related card designs to choose from and start growing your brand. Try one of these categories.

Modern Minimalist Square  | NavyModern Minimalist Square | Navy

Simple and professional square business cards feature your name and title or occupation in the lower right corner, framed by a navy blue border. Add your contact information to the reverse side. Includes navy blue social media icons and a field for your username.

Music Teacher Abstract Navy & Gold Piano MusicalMusic Teacher Abstract Navy & Gold Piano Musical

Music Teacher Abstract Navy & Gold Watercolor Piano Keys Musical Business Card.

Hair Stylist Modern Silver Scissor Salon Navy BlueHair Stylist Modern Silver Scissor Salon Navy Blue

Hair Stylist Modern Silver Glitter Scissor Navy Blue Salon Business Cards.

Navy Blue Floral Geometric Gold Frame Beauty SalonNavy Blue Floral Geometric Gold Frame Beauty Salon

Navy Blue Floral Geometric Gold Frame Beauty Salon Business Cards.

Hair Stylist Navy & Gold Salon Vintage Botanical  SquareHair Stylist Navy & Gold Salon Vintage Botanical Square

Hair Stylist Navy & Gold Scissor Salon Vintage Botanical Foliage Business Cards.

Hair Stylist Hairdresser Scissors Rose Drips NavyHair Stylist Hairdresser Scissors Rose Drips Navy

Elegance and harmony Minimalism and glam This is simply a modern tool that helps you to attract clients to your business and make your business grow Any other question, please let me know. Have a wonderful shiny day! FlorenceK design

The Secret Weapon You Need To Carry

Business cards retain value because they can to concisely summarize an individual’s identity, expertise, and contact information within a small and easily transportable medium. These slick rectangles function as tiny ambassadors and offer a special opportunity for individuals and companies to express their creativity while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

Business cards are tangible representations of a person’s sense of style, which can be communicated through simple layouts and powerful typography, or through eye-catching colors that mirror the identity of a brand. Either way, they leave an lasting visual impression on the minds of the people who receive them.

In addition, calling cards are more than simple communication tools; they are entryways to career prospects. Unveiling a card that has been painstakingly put together in this modern era, when digital connectivity is dominant, is a demonstration of dedication and reliability. For potential customers or potential investors, the showcasing of tangible proof that portrays both expertise and unwavering commitment lends itself as an advantage that is truly priceless. You establish the right conditions for forming new partnerships, encouraging cooperation, and getting job offers during every interaction by actively maintaining accessible information at all times.

Business cards may seem to be less essential in this vast world characterized by ubiquitous online connections and digitized interactions. Let us launch our mission into the world of professional networking cards, where we will tap into their unrealized potential and delve into the depths of their enduring importance. They assume the mantle of mighty advocates, amplifying your individuality or the essence of your company with an impact that lasts, going beyond their role as basic conduits for sharing contact information on flimsy paper stock.

The objective of this comprehensive handbook is to reveal the methods used to create memorable designs, as well as delve deeply into the techniques for leaving a lasting impact. This comprehensive collection ensures that business owners with extensive knowledge who are looking to reinvent their company and ambitious visionaries who are ready to establish themselves as the authority in their field will have access to unique innovations, indispensable perspectives, and cutting-edge concepts that will release their innate creative potential.

Permit our adventure through worlds created by companies’ cards as we discover its enigmatic magic in order to locate one soul among countless others as we journey through these realms. Ahead lies our destination, as we embark on this journey of exploration, we shall witness the profound impact that these seemingly ordinary elements possess in the worlds of connecting and personal branding. Prepare to set sail on a captivating journey of discovery, as we disclose unseen frontiers and redefine the essential nature of connectivity in our ever-progressing digital era.

  • Better professionalism for employees: It is advantageous to both the staff’s professional image and the unity of the organization to give them the ability to customize their own business cards.

  • Remarkable: A business card that has been thoughtfully created has the ability to make a lasting impression on prospective customers or partners, which increases the likelihood that they will not forget you easily.

  • Effortless consultation: Due to their compact size and ability to save room, business cards are excellent for quick access.

  • Divergent manifestation: Making your own networking cards is a great way to show off your unique individuality and creative skills.

  • Official written interactions: Including a copy of your name card in any communication, whether it be a mail or a package, will add an air of professionalism and increase your credibility.

Similar Navy Calling Cards

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A Crucial To Career Advancement And Prosperity

Business cards that make a statement are especially important in the stylish nail salon industry. By incorporating vibrant colors, sophisticated fonts, and fun manicure-themed designs into your cards, you can instantly communicate the essence of your salon and captivate potential clients. Additionally, investing in high-quality materials such as heavy-duty cardstock or glossy finishes further enhances the polished image of your business. Don’t forget to include essential contact information and social media handles to motivate clients to connect and stay updated on your latest nail art creations. Remember, a well-designed card is not just a piece of cardstock; it’s an invitation to experience the creativity and pampering that awaits at your nail salon.

One can efficiently create an air of professionalism for their brand by thoughtfully choosing and organizing the pertinent information showcased on their business card. We respectfully request you to keep a concise approach whilst ensuring the inclusion of essential particulars comprising of your complete legal name for proper identification purposes, clearly stating your current official title or occupational role within an organization context. Moreover, please provide accurate contact information along with any relevant website URLs or social media profile links that may apply. To prevent visual overload and ensure simplicity of comprehension, it is recommended that you avoid using excessive amounts of outdated information when designing your cards.

Prospective customers or partners within your industry will readily perceive the significance you place on being professional when you invest ample time and effort into carefully selecting powerful business cards. Additionally, this will result in a beneficial consequence for the involved parties. By functioning as a visceral testament to one’s professional growth and evolution, the meticulously arranged professional portfolio amplifies and underscores an individual’s carefully crafted personal brand identity.

It is of the greatest importance to give careful consideration to the graphical components, which, when combined, will most effectively convey the core values of your organization. By considering universally recognized benchmarks and expected norms, it is essential to verify that the fonts, color schemes, and imagery you choose align harmoniously with the expectations of your sector. By making sure a consistent visual representation across all your marketing materials, you can enhance the solidity of your brand recognition and fortify its foundation.

It is imperative beyond measure to acquire a comprehensive comprehension pertaining to both the intricacies intrinsic in your specialized field and its commensurate expectations. The suitability of professionalism, creativity, or originality in relation to visiting cards can differ greatly among different industries. Let’s consider this scenario: A law firm consciously decides on a visual style that exudes tradition and elegance, while it is commonly observed for graphic design agencies to favor an aesthetic that is both dynamically expressive and creatively oriented. By carefully following the accepted norms in card design within your respective industry, you will be able to effectively build a profound bond with your chosen audience and ensure an enduring impact through well-crafted business cards.

When one is tasked with the responsibility of selecting business visiting cards, it quickly becomes apparent that one of the decisions that rests upon the choice of the suitable material is one of the most significant decisions that can be made. Achieving both longevity and sustainability necessitates making considerate decisions, such as choosing durable materials like high-quality cardstock or green alternatives. Through physically gripping an beautifully designed card, individuals have the opportunity to generate profound sentiments among its recipients by leaving an unforgettable impression on their hearts and minds.

Understanding and appreciating the great importance held within each contact card, exceeding its classification solely as paper, is an essential factor to consider. Contrarily to popular belief, these tools should not be considered mere means of networking. In reality, they are influential instruments that have the potential to unlock doors leading towards promising prospects if carefully crafted and distributed thoughtfully. Grasp this amazing chance to design an fascinating portrayal of yourself and continuously make a striking impression whenever you exchange your business card.

Paper Types

Here is a list of available paper types. Each paper type has its own unique qualities that deliver amazing results for your marketing efforts. Choose the style that best suites your needs and make the opportunities you deserve.

All paper types are made in the US unless otherwise stated.

  1. Standard Matte
      » 17.5 pt thickness — 120 lb weight — 324 GSM
      » Light white, uncoated matte finish with an eggshell texture.
      » Made and printed in the USA
  2. Standard Semi-Gloss
      » 16 pt thickness — 150 lb weight — 400 GSM
      » Bright white, semi-gloss finish
      » 50% recycled content
      » FSC certified
      » Paper imported from Italy;
  3. Signature UV Gloss
      » 18 pt thickness — 325 GSM
      » Bright white, high-gloss finish
      » UV coating adds an additional layer of protection
      » Made and printed in the USA
  4. Signature UV Matte
      » 6 pt thickness — 130 lb weight — 352 GSM
      » Cream white, matte finish
      » Made with 30% post consumer fiber
      » Paper is easy to write on and won’t smudge
      » FSC certified; made with 100% green electricity
      » Made and printed in the USA
  5. Signature Cream
      » 21 pt thickness — 325 GSM
      » Bright white, velvety soft silk finish
      » Premium laminate finish adds an additional layer of protection
      » Made and printed in the USA
  6. Premium Silk
      » 16 pt thickness — 130 lb weight — 352 GSM
      » Solar white, uncoated linen finish
      » Embossed texture adds depth and refinement
      » Made with 30% post consumer fiber
      » FSC certified; made with 100% green electricity
      » Made and printed in the USA
  7. Premium Linen
      » 16 pt thickness — 130 lb weight — 352 GSM
      » Solar white, uncoated linen finish
      » Embossed texture adds depth and refinement
      » Made with 30% post consumer fiber
      » FSC certified; made with 100% green electricity
      » Made and printed in the USA
  8. Premium Pearl
      » 16 pt thickness — 130 lb weight — 350 GSM
      » Soft white, coated shimmer finish
      » Adds an elegant subtle sheen
      » FSC certified
      » Paper imported from Italy; printed in the USA
  9. Premium Kraft
      » Kraft, smooth and refined vellum finish
      » Printed with a white underlayer to help color pop
      » Made with 30% post consumer fiber
      » FSC certified; made with 100% green electricity
  10. Premium Grey
      » 16 pt thickness — 130 lb weight — 352 GSM
      » Neutral grey, smooth finish
      » Printed with a white underlayer to help color pop
      » Made with 30% post consumer fiber
      » FSC certified; Made with 100% green electricity
      » Made and printed in the USA
  11. Premium Black
      » 16 pt thickness — 130 lb weight — 352 GSM
      » Deep black, smooth finish
      » Printed with a white underlayer to help color pop
      » Made with 30% post consumer fiber
      » FSC certified; made with 100% green electricity
      » Made and printed in the USA
  12. Premium Thick
      » 32 pt thickness — 240 lb weight — 650 GSM
      » Light white, uncoated matte finish with an eggshell texture
      » Paper is easy to write on and won’t smudge
      » Made and printed in the USA
      » Not available for rounded corner option

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